Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic Park was created as a National Park because in 1915 the volcano eruption of Mt. Lassen attracted a lot of visitors to the Park. The President of the United States signed the bill to have Lassen Volcanic become a National Park in 1916. Lassen Volcanic was established as a National Park on August 9th 1916. Lassen Peak began erupting in 1914, and had the most significant activity in 1915, and had minor activity until 1921. The snowy mountains in the park are great for skiing. Besides the volcano, Lassen also became a National Park because of the natural beauty of the streams, rivers, wildlife and skiing attraction. Besides Lassen Peak, the park has many other mountains. The park is located in Northern California, which recieves a lot of snow. Below are my page links and some awesome photos of the most popular attractions of the park.
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