Game Design
National STEM Challenge Game Design Competition

Explore the following game design programs: (They are free downloads. Please get parent permission first.)

Kodu Resources
Kodu Game Lab community

Week of January 16th

Explore movement in your game software.

  • Make something move
  • Make something move across the screen (side to side)
  • Make something move up and down

  • Make two different objects move at the same time

  • Make something move with...animation (moving arms, legs etc.)
  • Make something turn (change directions)
  • Make something talk (lip movement)

Week of February 3rd

Explore sound in your game software.

Add any sound to your game.

Add multiple sounds to your game.
Add music to the game.

Add your own voice to the game.

Week of February 8th

Explore backgrounds in your game software.

Add different colored backgrounds.

Add a textured background.
Add multiple backgrounds.
Add objects like buildings, trees, rivers.

Create scenes as a background. (Example: city scene, mountains, lakes, etc.)

Week of February 27th

  • Your team job is to evaluate the game design software you were exploring.

  • If you had a team your team must split into two teams of no more than 3 people.

  • If you were absent and did not have a team, join a team. Again, no more than 3 people per team.

  • Create a new page titled Final Presentation and your team members names. While creating the page, insert the template: Final Presentation - Game Design.

  • Use this template to create any type of final digital presentation you would like. (a wiki page, prezi, power point, etc.) Your job is to evaluate the software by answering the questions in the template. You must include samples to support your comments. These can be screen shots of work you have done in the program. Post your final presentation on your new wiki page.

  • Presentations are due at the end of the day on Thursday. You have the whole week to work on it.

Friday, March 2nd

  • Alone or with a partner you need to visit and reflect on at least one presentation from each software design tool (Kodu, Scratch & GameSalad).

  • Using the Rubric Below evaluate each presentation. Create a new discussion post and identify three areas that they could improve on the presentation and three areas that they did well.

  • Complete a written evaluation for each presentation you viewed and turn that in to Mrs. Brown.

  • In the comment section on this page respond to the two discussion threads posted by Mrs. Brown.

  • By Wednesday, March 7th, comment on at least two other students responses to each post.

Your final presentation must include the following:

  • The names of all team members.
  • The name of the software you explored.
  • The pros and cons of that software for each element you looked at. (Movement, sound, background & sequencing)
  • Sample pictures of each element you created. (This can be a screenshot)
  • A description of how affective this tool is for game design.
  • A rating for difficulty of tool usage. Easy, Medium or Hard. Explain.
  • A final recommendation for future use of this program in the classroom.
  • How might game design influence the future of education?