Tending the Honey Bee Hives this Summer
If you are interested in coming out to work in the hives this summer please click on the link below. We do not know the exact day or time we will go to the hives, but we do know the weeks we will be visiting. The weekend before our hive visit, we will email all students signed up a specific time and day. If you will be unable to attend the week you signed up please email Mrs. Brown.

Tending the Garden
Please consider signing up to help water & weed the garden this summer. We will need helpers everyday!! This is a 10 minute job and will count for community service!! Mrs. Fitz & Mrs. Brown will also provide a special treat in the fall for anyone who comes 10 times or more!!! Thank you. Click on the link below to sign-up!!

Thank you all for the hard work!! We can't wait for the fall.

Bee Books

Disney Planet Challenge Website

Michigan State Standards met in this project - BCS Bees standards.doc

We mostly worked on our website, www.bcsbees.com. Earlier we tried to contact Oakland and MSU, but they didn't respond.

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Spring 2011
We research possible DPC subjects, including recycling batteries
and CCD, which we ultimately chose.
2011, start of new school year
We start work on the CCD project, by researching
potential causes and what we could do to help.
November 2011
Dr. Diane Tracey comes and speaks to our class about
honeybees, including what could be causing CCD and how we can help.
December 2011
Mr Famie come to our class and helps us with our documentary,
like showing us how to make a good documentary and helping us record.
January 2012
Our presentation group presents the CCD presentation to the fifth and sixth graders.
February 2012
We submit the Disney Planet Challenge portfolio.


Leader: Mrs. Fitz & Mrs. Kessler
Team: David, Carson, Ashley W., Maria, Sophie
  • Design the website
  • Research what makes a good foundation
  • Where will the money go?
  • Contact MSU about their bee exhibit and see if we can pair up with them. See if we can establish a joint foundation. Make sure you come see Mrs. Fitz before sending an email or calling.
  • Go talk to Mr. Hartley about the possibilities of a school foundation. Are there going to be taxes? etc.
  • Contact Hagendaz icecream in regard to their foundation and how it functions

Leader: Mrs. Fitz--- Mrs Fitz will be with this group today
Team: Lauren, Rachel C., Ryan, Ben
  • Work with Mr. Gillette & Mr. Famie
  • Create class documentary

Leader: Mrs. Fitz
Team: Audrey, Kenzie, Susan, Camille, Laith
  • Design & put together a school-wide presentation
  • Speak at the assembly
  • Go look at the Fitz Wiki 2010 and look at the election site and get ideas
  • Begin with coming up with a digital idea that will creat human compassion. You may need press peeps to help you get this feel. Try an interviewing concept...... also research desolate places. Come see Mrs. fitz ASAP also

Leader: Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Thompson
Team: Jordyn, Katherine, Lucas, Keaton, Sam & Luke
  • Research flowers & ways to fertilize (bee friendly)
  • Design the garden space
  • Create flyer to share with community

Leader: Mrs. Fitz
Team: Nick C., Nick N., Riley B., Reagan
  • Designing fund raisers to help support the foundation & other activities (garden)
  • Present ideas to teachers & Mr. Hartley/Mrs. Chinn
  • Organize each fund raiser
  • Come up with as many ideas that you possibly can to generate money---- anything! Bake sales to grants.
  • Go on line and research possible grants that we could write to get funds for our project.

Public Service Announcements
Leader: Mrs. Fitz
Team: Alex, Max Z., Daniel
  • Design & Film short PSA's for BCS & District website & TV channel
  • You first need to write an "award" winning script. Then you need to get it approved.
  • Practice the script and appropriately block the PSA--- Blocking is plannned staging movement---Mrs. Fitz can help with this.
  • memorize all lines
  • Find appropriate costumes that align with the PSA
  • Get the press to film you and finish up

Leader: Mrs. Brown
Team: Claire, Ashley D., Anna, Pieter
  • Artistic representation of our messages
  • Finish job signs and then find Mrs. Brown

Bee Keeping
Leader: Mrs. Brown
Team: Jake, Lee, Sean, Rachael K., Glennie
  • Research how & where we could set up our own hives
  • What materials will we need & how much will it cost?

Educational Kit
Leader: Mrs. Brown
Team: Katie, Morgan & Paul
  • Design and put together the packets
  • Research locations to share the packets

Leader: Mrs. Brown & Mr. Bodle
Team: Cameron R., Jordan L., Nick P., Tommy, Pieter
  • Design & create educational games (Board & digital)

Guest Speakers/Field Trips
Leader: Mrs. Fitz
Team: Stepan, Griffen &Trevor
  • Organize & invite presenters to the classroom
  • Organize field for large or small groups
  • Contact Diane Tracy and ask if she can help us---see me about this ASAP--- google her. She is connected through Oakland University--- see me before sending an email or making a phone call.

School/Community Survey
Leader: Mrs. Brown
Team: Max C., Zoe
  • Design and distribute survey
  • Organize Data
  • Present Data

Leader: Mrs. Fitz & Natalie E.---Nat---go see Mrs. Fitz right away. You are in charge of this group, and you are going to do a great job.
Team: Mika, Cameron H., Henry D.
  • Photograph our everyday work & events
  • Publish all work to wiki/blog/website

Disney Challenge Rubric Keeper/Organizer
Leader: Mrs. Brown
Team: Riley R. & Aliya H.
  • Check the rubric to make sure we are meeting all highest standards
  • Design the digital portfolio

Causes of CCD

Great Websites

Dr.Dyanne Tracy - Oakland University
Apiary Science in Schools - Oakland University