Goal: I will reread my writing in order to help me revise and edit.
Action Plan:
1. I will take a few minutes to look over my writing before handing it in.
2. At night, I will take some time to reread my writing to someone or aloud to myself, in order to make necessary changes.

Which of the steps in your action plan have you been doing? Which ones haven’t you been doing? Why? In which ways do you feel like you have made progress toward achieving your goal? Explain.
I have been more careful about checking over my work and now before I turn in my work I read over it to make sure it makes sense. I do not read aloud my work all the time but I do reread it. Sometimes I forget to reread the work and end up with work that does not make sense, I try to reread everything that I am going to turn in. I will now take a few minutes to reread and revise my work befor turning it in..
Which of the steps in the action plan has your child been doing? Which steps hasn’t your child been doing? Why? Do you feel like your child has made progress toward achieving the goal? Explain.
I see Reagan rereading the writing that is brought home and she does make some corrections. At times, I'm not sure that she is reading what is written, but rather, what she meant to write. Although I think she has made progress in achieving her goal, I feel that even more could be gained. I would like to see her take more time when rereading in order to ocate misspelled words or revisions that could be made to improve her assignments/writing. I would also like Reagan to apply this proofreading technique to math. She has made careless errrors on tests/quizzes (missing units of measurement, multiplication mistakes, etc.) that could be avoided by spending a few minutes going over her work. I hope that Reagan continues to strive to reach her proofreading goal second semester! :)