Final Presentation - Game Design
Your final presentation must include the following:

  • The names of all team members were Alex Lee Trevor
  • The name of the software we explored was Kodu
  • The pros and cons of that software for each element we looked at there were sometimes a lot of clicks to get places
  • Sample pictures of each element you created.zdxmfc,adsm,fmads,.fs,mf,.sdm,.fm.scloud_kil.JPG
  • A description of how affective this tool is for game is very effective and easy to use
  • A rating for difficulty of tool usage. Easy Explain. it is easy because there is so many ways just to click
  • A final recommendation for future use of this program in the classroom.yes we have already used it for a bees game
  • How might game design influence the future of education it could be used to put on other things like xbox wii and ps3 so people at home could use itq\